Founder of The Enso Group, Hunter Lee Soik

Hunter Lee Soik is the founder of The Enso Group, a company that helps businesses with their digital marketing needs. He’s also the author of “The Lean Digital Marketing Playbook”, a book that provides entrepreneurs with strategies for successful digital marketing. In this interview, he talks about his career journey and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Who is Hunter Lee Soik?

Hunter Lee Soik is the founder and CEO of The Enso Group, a digital media and marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for helping businesses grow. Hunter has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and his companies have generated over $1 billion in revenue. He is also a popular speaker and author, sharing his insights on business growth and marketing.

What is The Enso Group?

The Enso Group is a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference.

We’re not just talk either – we back up our words with action. To date, we’ve invested over $100 million in companies that are making a difference. And we’re just getting started.

What are some of The Enso Group’s products?

The Enso Group is a product development company that specializes in creating new and innovative products. Some of their latest products include:

-The Enso Bottle: This is a reusable water bottle that filter’s water as you drink, so you can always have clean water on the go.

-The Enso Bowl: This is a collapsible bowl that is perfect for traveling or camping. It can hold hot or cold liquids, and is made from food safe silicone.

-The Enso Spoon: This is a versatile spoon that can be used for cooking, eating, or stirrings. It has a detachable handle so it can be easily stored in your bag.

How did Hunter Lee Soik come up with the idea for The Enso Group?

Hunter Lee Soik is the founder of The Enso Group, a holding company that owns and operates a number of businesses in the tech, media, and lifestyle industries. He started his first business while still in college, and has since built a successful career as an entrepreneur and investor.

In 2012, Hunter was looking for a new challenge and decided to start a holding company. He had observed that many successful companies are built around a core group of people who work together well and share the same values. He wanted to create a company that could invest in and incubate various businesses, with the goal of making them stronger and more successful.

The Enso Group was born out of this idea. Hunter recruited a team of talented individuals who share his vision for the company. Together, they have built a portfolio of businesses that are leaders in their respective industries.

The name “Enso” comes from the Japanese word for circle. This symbolizes the continuous cycle of growth and evolution that is at the heart of The Enso Group’s philosophy.

What are Hunter Lee Soik’s goals for The Enso Group?

Hunter Lee Soik is the founder of The Enso Group, a social media marketing agency. His goal for The Enso Group is to help businesses grow by using social media to reach new customers and build relationships with existing customers.

Soik has over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, and he has used that knowledge to create a successful business. He wants to help other businesses grow, and he believes that social media is the key to reaching new customers and building relationships with them.

The Enso Group offers a variety of services that can help businesses grow, including social media management, content creation, and advertising. Soik and his team are dedicated to helping businesses succeed, and they have the experience and knowledge to do so.

What advice does Hunter Lee Soik have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Hunter Lee Soik is the founder of The Enso Group, a full-service creative agency specializing in branding, content marketing, and digital media. He’s also the author of two books: The Lean Branding Workbook and The Content Marketing Guide.

In an interview with Business Insider, Hunter Lee Soik shares his top advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. When asked what the best piece of advice he ever received was, he replied:

“The best piece of advice I ever received was to ‘just ship.’ It doesn’t matter if your product or service is perfect — just get it out there and start collecting feedback from customers. You can always improve upon it later.”

Soik also stresses the importance of focus, saying that “trying to do too many things at once is a recipe for disaster.” He recommends entrepreneurs pick one or two things they’re passionate about and focus on those.

Finally, Soik advises entrepreneurs to never give up. “If you believe in what you’re doing and are willing to put in the hard work, anything is possible,” he says.


Hunter Lee Soik is the founder of The Enso Group, a creative agency that specializes in branding and marketing. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and his work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. In addition to his work with The Enso Group, Hunter is also a contributing writer for Fast Company and Business Insider.

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